Thursday, April 28, 2005

Albom discipline

Phil Rosenthal has a column at the Chicago Tribune about the Mitch Albom flap dying out. It says Tribune Media Services will continue syndicating the column, too.

And it also mentions that Tribune Media Services wonders why its own copy editor didn't catch the error.
The Free Press announced last week it was disciplining Albom and four others, but Albom's column would return. That was good enough for TMS, which, apart from questioning how one of its own copy editors handled the column, did not independently examine Albom's work.

"There was a failure here, too," said Twohey. "An alarm should have gone off."

On the other hand, the Albom column can be a little confusing. It's available for Sunday publication, distributed on Fridays and called "Tuesdays with Mitch."
(Twohey is John C. Twohey, vice president of editorial and operations for Tribune Media Services.)

Anyone know if copy editors are being questioned at the other papers that ran Albom's column?


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