Tuesday, April 05, 2005

April fools

April Fools' Day turned some gamers into copy editors at PC Games. They announced the release of World of Wordcraft:
Set in the fantastical land of Pagination, World of Wordcraft pits you in the role of a heroic wordsmith saving the kingdom from the malevolent "Typos," horribly misshapen creatures produced by the maniacal wizard Douglass C. Perry.

Although there's no combat in World of Wordcraft, you obtain experience points, and gain levels, by increasing your typing speed over time, setting advanced indentations and correcting spelling and grammar errors in a timely manner. Achieving new levels in World of Wordcraft allows you to unlock advanced functions.

In other April Fools news, read about pranks in the news that were picked up by other news outlets in Minnesota.

Or check out the Steele County Press weekly's story about an underwater creature that could be killing family pets. The story fake-quoted the sheriff and several residents, with their permission. It was revealed as a prank at the end of the jump, which (surprise!) most readers didn't get to.

What about the sanctity of news? Owner John Flatland said:
"Yeah, one of the first things they tell you is not to mess around with the news. But we've had so much bad news around here lately, I thought we needed to lighten things up. Besides, the week after Easter is always a slow news week."
(Last two links via Romenesko)


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