Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dawn Eden update

Dawn Eden (previously covered here and here) is back in the newspaper copy-editing business.
Former New York Post copy editor and right-wing blogger Dawn Eden has returned to the tabloid business, joining the New York Daily News April 11. Her new position, much like her last one, has her being a copy editor, editor-editor and headline writer.
What the hell is an editor-editor? I don't know. But the New York Observer piece (which you can find here today, but I bet it will be gone tomorrow) gives us some insight on what Eden has been up to since being fired from the New York Post:
Soon after Ms. Eden’s dismissal from the Post, National Review Online’s editor Kathryn Jean Lopez gave her a month-long gig editing such writers as John Derbyshire and Victor Davis Hanson on the conservative magazine’s Web site. Ms. Lopez also published an op-ed Ms. Eden wrote making fun of playwright Eve Ensler’s orchestrated readings of The Vagina Monologues on college campuses around the world (“V-Day”).

Among the headlines Ms. Eden wrote for were “Girls Just Want to Have Pundits” (for an article on female op-ed writers) and “One ‘Ring’ Leads to Another” (for a review of the movie The Ring 2). Another recent piece by Ms. Eden, attacking Planned Parenthood’s “Teenwire” Web site, is in the April issue of Touchstone magazine.
So, with her public firing, I'd guess the Daily News was pretty upfront about what she can and can't do on the clock. Eden makes a small mention on her blog: "With my new job, this must needs be a nighttime blog—posting will resume in the wee small hours."

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