Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Getting "blogged down" -- and gagging

Jay Rosen writes in to Romenesko:
Copy editors, take note:

Getting Blogged Down in the News (Washington Post, April 17, 2005)
Blogged Down (New York Times, March 20, 2005)
Blogged Down (American Prospect, March 4, 2005)
Blogged Down in Iraq (Time magazine, Jan. 31, 2005)
Blogged Down (Washington Post again, Dec. 19, 2004)
Blogged down in Web fantasy (Star-Tribune, Sep. 29, 2004)
Firms find way to avoid getting blogged down (Chicago Tribune, July 23, 2003)
Blogged Down in the PR Machine (Online Journalism Review, May 16, 2001)

I think that's enough for what was a pretty miserable pun to begin with.
If you haven't heard it, it's new to you, I know. But consider this fair warning.

(And I don't think this is a headline that makes sense literally, which should always be your first test when writing a punny headline. It might work for a quick one-off. But it's not nearly as clever as some might try to argue.)


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