Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dallasites, prepare yourselves

Bill Walsh and Wendalyn Nichols -- two people who are as delightfully knowledgeable as they come -- will be speaking at a workshop in Dallas toward the end of October.

Here's the synopsis for "Copyediting: 100 Things Every Copy Editor Should Know":
It's time to make being a copy editor a lot easier on you. This workshop will help you work more efficiently, accurately, and confidently. The full-day session has three major components:

(1) A survey of what you need to know to solve grammar, usage, and style problems with confidence. You'll learn in depth about essential, up-to-date copy-editing resources, gaining an insider's firsthand perspective on the strengths, weaknesses, uses, and abuses of current dictionaries, stylebooks, usage manuals, thesauri, language websites, and other resources.

(2) A frank discussion of the workflow and interpersonal problems that frustrate copy editors and hold them back. You'll have the opportunity to talk over your own situation with the workshop leader and your fellow professionals, and get their help.

(3) A session with a well-known local guest speaker who will share his or her perspective on problems that confront many copy editors and how to solve them.
The session runs all day Monday, Oct. 24, from 9 to 4:30, with a break for lunch. It's $299.

Sessions are also planned for Boston (with Wendalyn and Barbara Wallraff)
Washington (with Wendalyn and Bill)
Los Angeles (with Wendalyn and Melissa McCoy, AME for copy desks at the LA Times)
San Francisco (with Wendalyn and Marilyn Schwartz, managing editor of the University of California Press)


At 12:51 PM, September 28, 2005, Blogger Bill said...

Wendi has all the bases pretty well covered. What should I talk about?


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