Thursday, September 29, 2005

New verb?

BTK was used as a verb on the dialogue-heavy "Gilmore Girls" last night.

One college student, trying to persuade a reluctant fellow student to be her roommate, said, "If you see me BTK'd, you'll know why."

An English professor at my alma mater, Wichita State, says in the Wichita Eagle story: "It's so callous that I can't imagine anyone in Wichita using it."

Obviously, she's never met my friends.


At 10:37 PM, September 29, 2005, Blogger Bill said...

Now, that's a question to bundy about ...

At 12:17 AM, October 01, 2005, Blogger Nuclear Redaction said...

It wasn't until you mentioned Wichita that I even twigged to what BTK was referring to. "Gilmore Girls" might have gone a little too obscure there.

At 6:30 AM, October 01, 2005, Blogger MJ said...

The obscure references are a big part of why I watch "Gilmore Girls." :-) I've read that Amy Palladino (the creator of the show) really talks that way, too.

I've got to admit, I missed "BTK'd" completely, although I remember the scene.


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