Friday, February 03, 2006

Lesson learned?

A Chicago Tribune blog covers the firing of Matt Donegan:
Repeat after me: If you wouldn't say it over dinner with adult members of your family, don't say it in a blog. Because the tricky part of this Internet deal, people are beginning to understand, is that everybody can access it. That means mom, dad, the screw-up cousin whose repeated life mismanagement you and your buddies on Friendster find so hilarious.

It also means, yes, your boss. And Dover, Delaware, newspaper reporter Matt Donegan was the latest to find this out. He got Dooced. His blog is too offensive and, how to put this, moronic to link to here, but if you really want to see it (of course you do), check out the Romenesko coverage. Even putting aside the parts where he thinks repeating racial stereotypes qualifies as humor writing, I'd have fired Donegan for micro stupidity (the postings themselves) and macro stupidity (not understanding the implications of a blog).


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