Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chicago Tribune has a language column

I recently discovered another language column, written by Nathan Bierma for the Chicago Tribune. It's called On Language, no relation to William Safire's of the same name.

This week's piece is a reader-submission number asking for clever neologisms: drismal, residebt, gladually.

Last week's piece discusses use and history of the word gawker. (Bonus: a quote from Anatoly Liberman, who works with Erin McKean at Oxford University Press and has a word-origin column once a week at the OUP blog.

The column from April 5 shifted gears. It's about dyslexia in China, where readers have trouble not with reversing letters but with
learning the relationships between characters, meanings and sounds, which is at the heart of the Chinese character system.

Bierma also contributes to a blog on language. And he's the man responsible for that interview with Erin McKean that I posted a couple of weeks ago.


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