Friday, April 14, 2006

The Erin McKean lovefest continues

An interview with Erin McKean on prescriptivism vs. descriptivism, from 2004.

Here's a quote:
I think that there needs to be a let-off of prescriptivist steam. I mean, I get annoyed by it too. I was in a movie theater watching those ads on the screen, those movie factoids. It was something about Owen Wilson, and they made a verb transitive that in my opinion is not transitive, and I was gettin' kind of grumpy about it. And my husband was sitting next to me and he said, 'Uh huh, see? Even you are prescriptivist.'
That reminds me: Every time my partner and I hear begs the question, his head snaps around to see my reaction. But I can get by these days without so much as a sharp intake of breath. I'm so over begs the question, as I've mentioned. Lately, I've been focusing my complaints against too-loud motorcycles. Why are they allowed?


At 9:16 PM, April 14, 2006, Blogger Bill said...

I think Erin McKean is having the Best Week Ever!

At 9:38 PM, April 14, 2006, Blogger Nicole said...

I suppose this is where I should mention, rather than another post, her Dress a Day blog and the fact that she'll be speaking at ACES.


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