Thursday, April 13, 2006

That Erin McKean posting I promised

Erin McKean was one of the speakers at the Radical Craft Design Conference a few week ago, and shortly after, I began seeing mentions of her in random blogs.

I read in the Huffington Post some guidelines McKean suggested for getting your favorite words in the dictionary.

There was much talk of how cute and witty she was: Hypercritical Writing included praise of McKean's outfit: "It should be noted that McKean had a better dress than any of the fashionistas present." (And I found a picture of said dress at Flickr. Here's another.) Someone at Media Bistro said she should now be called the UnBeige Lexicographical Sweetheart. (But that person also wants her to put productize in the dictionary. Take from that what you will.) Art Barn called her "adorable retro-sexy and deeply geeky" and said that "she won the crowd over with her wordy wit and had all the men drooling in their seats."

I'll close with this McKean quote, from "I make up words at Scrabble. Who's gonna challenge me?"


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