Wednesday, March 12, 2003

The thought of this happening to me is scary. And it's not just because it's a gynecological exam, which is pretty personal; any kind of physical exam done without a patient's permission -- by students -- is ridiculous. And the fact that it took embarassed students to stop the practice?!


My latest idea for artwork, and I'll warn you: It involves pink shaving gel. And it's not very artistic.

My pink shaving gel always has the neatest look in my hand right after it squirts out. It's bright pink and translucent and always has a different shape. Then, slowly, it begins to puff out, turning more opaque and a paler pink. This transformation just has to be photographed.

I think I'm the first to come up with this. Imagine.


Important date coming up: Friday, March 21, Corbett's birthday and the date of the Sea and Cake concert. All of you who enjoy esoteric reviews of great bands will appreciate this review in Pitchfork. I've read it several times because it makes me chuckle, and I like to chuckle. So should you.

One thing about living in Wichita and going to shows is that it always requires a two-and-a-half-hour drive to Lawrence. When I was driving back and home from college, it was the worst drive ever. When listening to mixed CDs and being kooky with friends on the way to a good show, however, it cooks.

Longest I've ever driven for a show: Five and a half hours
Number of times I've seen Stephen Malkmus play live: Six (This is subject to editing)
First live show: Pearl Jam WHAT?!
Number of states I've seen shows in: Seven (This is also subject to editing)


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