Thursday, April 10, 2003

A few nuggets from stories I edited tonight:

* Somewhere in Saddam Hussein's family is a fan of Britney Spears. Or so it seems, based on the magazine clippings of the teen pop star taped to the wall in one of the Iraqi president's palaces.

* On looting in Baghdad: "When I came down here earlier, I said, `They're taking everything but the kitchen sink,"' said U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. John Kelley, 29, who then spied another looter. "Ah," Kelley noted, "he's got a sink."

* The WB is floating a reality show giving contestants a chance to win $1 billion. Just in case that doesn't grab enough viewers, they're planning on having a monkey put previously selected numbers in an order that must be matched for the prize.


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