Monday, April 21, 2003

I wish I could watch "Mr. Personality" on Fox tonight. There's something inexplicably alluring about watching Monica Lewinsky do stuff -- and not in a sexual way, despite what I'm going to say. I just think it's neat to watch a television show hosted by someone who has given a president head without being a first lady. (That, and I like reality shows. I'm not (so) embarrassed to admit it.)

But back to the president's penis: I wonder how often Monica thinks about her relations with that man, Bill Clinton. How do you get the guts to keep yourself in the public eye when people have talked about your cum-stained dress on national television? How do you host a television show when the only reason you were given that opportunity is that you prompted a national scandal? How can you get past these things? Had I been her, I'd probably have stuck to making purses. Then again, she's not afraid to take chances.


Ronald Reagan Jr. in a jean jacket is hot. He's on CNN criticizing the Bush administration, saying that Bush's rule is not like Reagan's. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or if he's criticizing the administration. In any case, I never knew he was hot.


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