Thursday, August 21, 2003

Poynter needs to do a study on Slate headlines and how taking their lead could save newspapers.

These are stories I want to read because of their headlines:
Mob bosses have lousy, infrequent sex.
Can your car's computer squeal if you were speeding before a crash?
A picture of Ronald McDonald next to: Sue his lard ass.
Should a bisexual teenage girl be allowed to have sleepovers?

And then there are the headlines that are so useful they put a Swiss Army knife to shame:
How to tell a virus from a worm.
Why Texas has a power grid all to itself.
How will California's recall election work?
Which allies have troops in Iraq?

And, while I'm gushing, I love how informational Slate's corrections are. I understand what was wrong and what it should have been. Think that's so easy? Compare Slate's to The Wichita Eagle's.


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