Sunday, October 12, 2003 links to a review of "Kill Bill." So where's the requisite snarky comments to warrant such a link? This reviewer, too, complains about Tarantino's splitting the movie in two.
Audiences could be milked of $16 instead of $8, assuming P.T. Barnum's dictum about suckers holds true.
And that is just hilarious to Choire Sicha, Gawker's editor. He writes: "Heh. Eight dollars. That's cute."

OK, I get that New Yorkers think it's provincial to pay less than $28 for a movie ticket. Fine.

But what's funny to me about this item in Gawker is that the review is from the Charlotte Observer. But Gawker gives a link to the review on, The Wichita Eagle's Web site, rather than Charlotte's. Why?

I can only assume that wheat-chewing Kansans who pay $8 a ticket are a lot more comical than the hipsters in Charlotte who do it.

Heh. That's cute.


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