Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I actually turned on my heater yesterday. To help usher in fall and celebrate the first of October, I bring you Halloween style reminders:

Halloween is always capitalized. (It's short for All Hallow Even, or All Hallows Eve, and is sometimes written Hallowe'en. But not in newspapers.)
Trick or treat is the noun. It's hyphenated for the verb and trick-or-treater.
Jack-o'-lantern has an apostrophe after the O.
Don't forget: Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster.
Bats are mammals, not rodents.
The only full moon in October happens Oct. 10.
Lowercase devil, but capitalize Satan and Lucifer.

Now, is it candy apples or candied apples? I like candied, but I think candy is winning out over time. It's definitely candy corn.

And waxed lips means something entirely different from wax lips.


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