Sunday, October 12, 2003

Poynter has an article worth reading -- especially if you'll ever be in management -- about how newspapers can attract better leaders and keep them around.
Building newsroom careers for the future and finding ways to anchor high performers on a growth track will demand different thinking from the leaders of today. We must search for qualities in addition to a solid grounding in the skills and values of journalism that we've prized for so long.
As someone who often thinks about the fields I left behind (politics, the law and, yes, elementary education), I've put a lot of thought into "Why journalism?" Sure, I love it. But I love other industries, too, some that look as if they'd promise more challenges and more rewards.

I think the leaders of newspapers realize they could lose their "best and brightest" to other papers, other careers. It will take the providing of more training and a commitment to enticing leaders to stay. And recognition that good leaders are not just the best editors, the best reporters. Management skills are important, too, and rookies with promise should start developing those attributes early.


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