Friday, October 03, 2003

Recent searches leading to this site. Hmmm.... Could there be an election coming up?

Google:  atlanta magazine + junod  
Yahoo:  hot cubin girl  
MSN Search:  jumpers+world+trade+center  
Google:  stockdale writer  
Google:  "maria shriver" "damaged goods"  
Google:  picture britney "jean jacket"  
Yahoo:  Shriver damaged goods  
Google:  chuck palahniuk entertainment weekly article  
Yahoo:  Monica blog penis  
Google:  maria shriver, rape, damaged goods  
MSN Search:  schwarzenegger, credibility  
Google:  "Capital Idea" chicago  
Google:  maria shriver ethnic background  
Google:  rap songs and gucci  
Google:  "richard drew" jumper  
Yahoo:  schwarzenegger womanizer apologizes  
Google:  maria shriver damaged goods  
Google:  maria shriver damaged goods rape  
Google:  German translation of the word schwarzenegger  


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