Saturday, January 31, 2004

The American Copy Editors Society has updated the schedule for its conference, March 18-20 in Houston.

A rundown of what was added (from what I can tell):
* "Women Shot in Lingerie Department: Hazards of Editing on the Internet," Jenny Montgomery, Houston Chronicle
* "Moving Up from the Copy Desk," Bobbi Bowman, ASNE
* "Subtle Race and Gender Bias in News Stories," Doug Backstrom, Miami Herald, and Teresa Schmedding, Daily Herald
* "Big-Picture Editing," by Merrill Perlman, New York Times News Service
* "Make the Cut: Improving Photo Captions," Bob Howard and Lynn Orr, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
* "Mayhem between the Quote Marks," Bill Montgomery, Houston Chronicle
* "Having a Life," Scott Toole, Express Times
* "What Reporters Need from Copy Editors," Neil Holdway, Daily Herald
* "What the Academics Found," Deborah Gump, Ohio University, and Susan Keith, Arizona State University
* "To Write the Impossible Head," David Sullivan, Philadelphia Inquirer
* "Rules that Aren't Rules," Bill Walsh, Washington Post
* "Rim Editors' Forum," Melissa Murdza, Stars and Stripes, and Tim Yagle, Marin Independent Journal
* "When Stories Fall Short," Warren Watson, API
* "The Inside Story on Design," Bill Sheehan, Los Angeles Times
* "Newsroom Theater," Joe Grimm, Detroit Free Press
* "How to Deal with a New Boss (Who May Not Be Copy Desk Savvy)" by Eric Grode, TV Guide; Pat Regan, Daily Herald; and Robin Thrana, Charlotte Observer

Some highlights from the conference:
* "Rules that Aren't Rules," by "Lapsing into a Comma" author Bill Walsh, the other style maven
* "Ethics and Standards," by Los Angeles Times editor Jon Carroll (sure to bring up the ethics of reporting Schwarzenegger's sexual harassment) and New York Times AME Allan Siegal (who led the committee on how to restore the paper's credibility after Jayson Blair)
* "The Future Doesn't Need Us: Weblogs and the End of Editing as We've Known It," by esteemed blogger Tom Mangan
* "Listen Up: This Is Simple," by the original Testy Copy Editor himself, Phil Blanchard
* "Jimmy's World," by New York Times styleguide co-author William G. Connolly
* "How to Win," by Detroit Free Press chief of copy desks Alex Cruden
* "Getting Back to the Word," by ACES president John McIntyre
* "To Write the Impossible Head," by Philadelphia Inquirer AME for copy desks David Sullivan


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