Monday, January 26, 2004

In February, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists will release a stylebook for Spanish-language journalists. The project was under-written by Knight Ridder and co-authored by the Associated Press (among many others).

What will it do? The Web site says:
This comprehensive first edition of the Manual de Estilo is an expert guide on grammar, the proper use of titles and other style questions, common problems with intonation and pronunciation on the air, and the tricky craft of tranlating stock market terms and government jargon in a predominantly English U.S. environment.

Journalists who work in the booming and challenging Spanish-language media industry will also learn how to keep Spanglish from creeping into their work and stay away from words that may take on different — and sometimes obscene — meanings as vocabularies from a myriad of Latin America are forced to come together in the U.S.
Or, as Mercedes Olivera of the Dallas Morning News put it: "Is it carro or coche? Both words mean "car" in Spanish, but which one would a Spanish-language journalist use?" I wish I had enough of a hold on the language for this to be practical for me. Perhaps soon.

If it works for you, here are the details: The stylebook is $14.95. You can order it here.

In addition, NAHJ will hold stylebook release parties in several cities.

Information on the parties is here.
Stylebook release parties:
Miami — Feb. 7
Chicago — Feb. 10
Los Angeles — Feb. 13
New York — Feb. 20
Dallas — Feb. 28
Washington, DC — Mar. 3
Denver — TBA

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