Thursday, January 29, 2004

Spinsanity, a blog ferreting out "manipulative political rhetoric" (now there's a broad category) is now publishing a column every week in the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Each Thursday through the end of this year, the Inquirer will run a column on its commentary page by the editors of Spinsanity. These columns will include original analysis and some original evidence, but readers may recognize some content that was previously published here. We will link to our Inquirer articles as soon as they become available and post them in full when they move into the Inquirer's paid archive.
So, more bloggers use their cache for print jobs, although this is different. The blog will continue to have original content in addition to the Inquirer material.

This content is of interest to copy editors, by the way. It efficiently points out flaws in political arguments that can help us do the same at work. See why Dean's accusing Bush of going to war because of his father is a specious argument, how the Republicans coined the vague "political hate speech" to try to make Democrats' attacks seem out of line.


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