Saturday, February 21, 2004

The end has no end

Few large papers published any "Howard's end" headlines when Dean dropped out. (Thank you.)

But I thought I'd publish a few of the headlines that did run, for comparison's sake, as seen on their Newseum PDFs.

New York Times:
Kerry and Edwards Square Off
As Dean Abandons Campaign

Washington Post:
Dean Bows Out
With an Asterisk

Democrat Still Seeks Supporters' Votes

USA Today:
to duel
as Dean
drops out

Chicago Tribune:
says he's
out, not

Ex-governor ends
White House bid

Los Angeles Times:
Leaves It
to Kerry,

Fiery campaign flames
out without a single win

Dallas Morning News:
For Dean, it's all over but the shouting

Democrat bows out but vows
to build on tone of campaign

Any comments, especially on that Dallas head? I know there was a split in the newsroom of people who loved it and people who were displeased.


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