Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Having a rough time on the job today? Miss a mistake (or enter one of your own) that you can't seem to shake?

Well, take heart. It could have been worse:

The British outdoors magazine Trail published a guide to descending the United Kingdom's tallest peak, Ben Nevis. But a little mix-up left the directions leading straight off the north face of the mountain. The editor blamed copy editors (woops!) and will print a correction in the next edition of the magazine.

The Los Angeles Times wrote an editorial on the matter:
Here's a thought: Perhaps Trail should assign copy editors to follow their edited field directions before publication. If those folks don't return, the boss will know there's a potential accuracy problem.
Ouch. I'll be the first to admit that I've made plenty of on-the-job mistakes, but I've never sent hikers off the edge of a peak in a snowstorm. And here's hoping I never do.


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