Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Help a blog out

The Campaign Desk is on a valiant quest for accuracy, and we should heed its call.

It points out that in the never-ending stream of stories about Bush's National Guard stint, reporters continue to get a fact wrong: how early Bush received a discharge from the Texas Air National Guard.

AP has reported -- with other news outlets following its lead -- that Bush left six months early. But that's not right. Campaign Desk does the math for us:
President Bush served five years, four months, and five days. Which in turn means he was released from his obligation seven months and twenty-five days, or approximately eight months, early.
Don't believe it? Do the reporting yourself:
Let us offer you a little help, AP. Down in Texas, Lt. Col. John Stanford of the Texas Air National Guard -- 512-782-6856 -- is waiting for your call. He's the guy with the straight facts concerning Bush's discharge.
So, to repeat. Bush left the Guard nearly eight months early. Not six months. And not seven months, either, unless you tack on the 25 days.

Your bosses will thank you for your attention in this matter. If not, let me know, and I'll send you a sticker for a job well done.


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