Saturday, February 14, 2004

Regarding the Kerry-intern "media frenzy": When should blogs name names?

CJR's great Campaign Desk blog interviewed Wonkette editor Ana Marie Cox. Wonkette didn't name this former intern but linked to a site that did. Why?
The [rules] are different for every person. That's the tragedy and triumph of self-publishing. I've gotten shit from people [pause] or, say, static from people who I think sort of take the CJR position. [Which is? Campaign Desk was curious to know]... that I shouldn't do it, shouldn't even mention the actual topic, don't hint. Obviously that's not my position. I've also gotten static from people, well my boss, who thinks I should publish everything I get... He's British."
If you don't want to read more because it's an interesting topic, read this for all the great quotes.


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