Tuesday, February 17, 2004

So sue me!

The Recording Industry Association of America filed another round of lawsuits today. Take care that these stories -- and your headlines -- do not say that downloaders are being sued, as this CBS headline does, as well as hundreds of other stories online.

The RIAA is suing people who distribute these songs -- the uploaders, not the downloaders. These are often one and the same, as most of the file-sharing software makes any songs in your download folder available for others to download.

You can use file sharer or file swapper or computer user to mean both.

And a reminder that we've covered before: AP says "copyright" is the noun, verb and adjective. "Copyrighted" should be used only as the past tense of the verb. So, people are downloading copyright songs. But bands copyrighted the work so it wouldn't be stolen.


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