Monday, February 09, 2004

Some are asking why the press has been so obsessed with the Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake "tempest in a C-cup."

To be honest, I don't mind the stories. It's what everyone is talking about, and topical stories probably should appear in newspapers — as long as the placement is appropriate. I've enjoyed reading about a spike in nipple piercings and nipple-shield sales, for example.

But there's no excuse for writing like this:
"Such bipartisanship was nearly as shocking (to political junkies, anyway) as Justin Timberlake ripping off part of Janet Jackson's bustier during the Super Bowl halftime show." — Rick Haglund of the Ann Arbor News

"I do not think my impartiality could reasonably be questioned," said Scalia, responding to questions about the propriety of a sitting judge rubbing elbows — and blowing small game birds out of the air — with a named party and material witness in a case he's about to hear. That ranks right up there with Justin Timberlake's claim that the boob shot seen 'round the world was due to a "wardrobe malfunction". — Arianna Huffington in Salon (subscription required)

"The NBA would prefer to say it's having a little shooting problem. That's like saying Janet Jackson is a little overexposed." — David Nielsen of the Scripps Howard News Service

"The Maddux saga has just about run through its course of speculation and rumors, and is on the verge of being as overexposed as Janet Jackson." — Mike Kiley of the Chicago Sun-Times

"Even if he prevails there, Dean's dream of corralling the nomination seems as improbable as Janet Jackson making the 'best dressed' list." — Walter Shapiro in USA Today

What have I learned from this little exercise? We've all said it before, but columnists need stronger editing.


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