Saturday, February 14, 2004

What does a newspaper do when there's a huge rumor out there -- it doesn't want to be last, but it doesn't want to substantiate the story, either -- about the front-runner in a presidential primary?

Why, you run a story about the media frenzy instead of the rumor!

Selling Sleaze: A User's Guide -- Ten ways to rationalize the publication of infidelity rumors
When whisper campaigns get too loud to ignore
There he goes again!
Kerry sex scandal lurking?
Kerry allegations create frenzy

Editor & Publisher engages is similar navel-gazing: Will Press Pounce on Drudge's Kerry Rumor? (But that's E&P's job, really, so forgive it.)

Poynter discusses what to do in Journalists, John Kerry, and Reporting Rumors.


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