Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Add to your files

The San Antonio Express-News has its stylebook online.

Why should you care? When a question pops up in the middle of a story and it's not in your local stylebook, or AP, or the dictionary, use other stylebooks to see if there's a consensus out there.

You can use some of the arguments and reasoning there to help you sort through your style, perhaps prevent problems you hadn't yet come across. And other papers' stylebooks can servce as an effective tie-breaker in a pinch.

Thinking about switching jobs? It's good to have a look at other stylebooks to become aware of what are hard-and-fast rules and what are just local idiosyncrasies.

Use this stylebook as a model for your desk's online guide. It's exhaustive -- with pictures, cross links and Web links on some subjects.


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