Sunday, March 28, 2004

Didn't make the ACES conference?

Well, ACES is bringing the conference to you. They've started posting stories covering individual sessions. Read the ones you're interested in:

Headlines as Poetry -- Bringing out the inner poet: Speaker encourages headline writers to seek words that add layers of meaning and texture to their prose.
Beyond the Daily Realm -- Not daily? Still crazy: Editors for magazines and special-interest media learn strategies for staying sharp outside the 24/7 environment.
You Don't Say -- Small mistakes deliver big blow to credibility: Speaker offers tips on weeding out nagging errors of fact, spelling, grammar and style.
Editing: It's Not Just Comma Sense -- Picture-perfect editing: Use your "mind's eye" to look for pictures in stories and visualize the elements that might be missing, speaker suggests.
Rhythm Room -- Hitting the right notes: Copy editors can preserve the writer's voice by picking up
on the rhythm of the story and going with the flow.
Secrets of Good Editing -- Editing that helps, not hurts: Short, simple, active, jargon-free sentences can sharpen a story and enhance the writer's voice.
10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Copy Editing -- What they didn't teach you in J-school: Practical advice dispensed for helping newbies (and veterans) survive and thrive on the copy desk.
What Jerk Wrote This? -- Newsroom diplomacy: Insults and criticism can taint the environment, but the relationship between reporters and copy editors need not be testy.
Ethics and Standards -- Keeping the public's trust: Ethics scandals betray readers, but newspapers' soul-searching has been a healthy response, said the editor of the Los Angeles Times. John Carroll also defended his paper's publication of the Arnold Schwarzenegger groping allegations and took aim at talk shows and other "pseudo media" outlets.
Rules that Aren't Rules -- Some taboos that really aren't: Despite what you've heard from slot editors and English teachers, some rules are made to be broken, if done thoughtfully and with good reason.
What Chaps Readers Buns -- Workshop menu features chapped buns, with plenty of beef: Reader advocates ponder the bottom line when dealing with complaints.
Wire We Here: A Philosophy of Wire Editing -- Wire services give clients an update on changes: New policies on anonymous sources and AP's new filing procedures were among the topics discussed between representatives of the services and an audience made up largely of wire editors.
Breaking in a New Boss -- Change of the guard may require change in approach: The new leader's personality type offers an indication of the best course to take in communicating the needs of the copy desk.


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