Saturday, March 06, 2004

A round-up of Martha heads

These are all from the papers' PDFs on Newseum. Any favorites?

Martha Stewart guilty [Chicago Tribune]
Stewart guilty, vows to appeal [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]
Martha Stewart Found Guilty; Prison Likely [Los Angeles Times]
Stewart Found Guilty of Lying in Sale of Stock [New York Times]
Stewart Guilty on All Charges [Washington Post]

Trying to look ahead
Jury says Stewart cheated, then lied [Detroit News and Free Press]
Verdict threatens Stewart empire [Indianapolis Star]
Is Martha headed for jail? [Oregonian]

Trying to be clever
For Martha Stewart, a good thing ends [Charlotte Observer]
It's a bad thing [Erie Times-News]
It's a jail thing [Philadelphia Daily News]
Jury finds new label for Stewart -- guilty [Roanoke Times]

Stewart faces prison, ruin with convictions [Springfield (Mo.) News Leader]


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