Saturday, March 13, 2004

What are you doing here?

You should be reading Bill Walsh's new book, "The Elephants of Style." I found it in my local Borders (at 75 and Lovers Lane, you Dallasites) last night, fresh out of the box.

It's so fantastic, I might not have even stopped to post. But then I came to this, which was too much a coincidence not to share:
If you ask me about the Washington Capitals and I say, "I really like them," am I saying "them" purely because Capitals is a plural noun? I don't think so. Fans of the singularly named Tampa Bay Lightning don't say, "I really like it." Ask me about the band R.E.M. and I'll say "them" too. Heck, if you ask me about the selection at Safeway, I'll say "they" have good stuff and bad stuff.
His sage advice? Rewrite! (So that you don't have to use "it.")

Go buy the book. Don't feel like leaving the house? Do it anyway! This will be a perfect weekend to read about style.

Still don't feel like leaving the house and willing to delay gratification? OK, order it online at or at Barnes and Noble.


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