Friday, April 02, 2004

In pictures

Editor and Publisher reports that only seven of the top 20 newspapers published front-page images of the charred bodies. Here's a rundown of the top 20 and what they ran:

USA Today -- front-page charred corpses
Wall Street Journal -- no photo
New York Times -- front-page bridge photo
Los Angeles Times -- Iraqis dancing atop a burned car
Washington Post -- front-page charred corpses
New York Daily News -- different SUV photo
New York Post -- front-page bridge photo
Chicago Tribune -- front-page bridge photo
Newsday -- burning SUV with "graveyard" leaflet
Houston Chronicle -- burning SUV with "graveyard" leaflet
Dallas Morning News -- burning SUV with "graveyard" leaflet
San Francisco Chronicle -- front-page bridge photo
Chicago Sun-Times -- burning SUV with "graveyard" leaflet
Boston Globe -- burning SUV with "graveyard" banner
Arizona Republic -- Iraqis dancing in front of burning car
Newark Star-Ledger -- burning SUV with "graveyard" leaflet
Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- burning SUV with "graveyard" leaflet
Minneapolis Star Tribune -- burning SUV with "graveyard" leaflet
Philadelphia Inquirer -- front-page bridge photo
Cleveland Plain Dealer -- burning SUV with "graveyard" leaflet

Wall Street Journal and Star Tribune info now complete, thanks to, who has a nice roundup here, including different crops of the charred corpses photo.

Also, a nice discussion has started on the ACES board: Is this photo newsworthy enough to justify running it? Why or why not? (Sounds like a J-school entrance exam.)


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