Thursday, April 22, 2004

Things to do in Denver when your paper's being redesigned

Everything you wanted to know about the Denver Post's redesign -- at least, everything I could cobble together.

Newsdesigner shares some quotes from Visual Editors, from someone who went to the SND Quick Course in Denver and from the paper's managing editor for presentation and design.

From Visual Editors is this information: The redesigned paper will launch May 4, and it will remain a broadsheet.

Tom Mangan offers seven tips for surviving a redesign.
1) Get with the program. I know this is hard, but don't fight the change -- it'll happen whether you like it or not, so save your whining and grumbling for the bar after work and do your damnedest to be a good little do-bee and accept your fate. The suckage will be profuse, but it will be temporary. Remember, after you get a tooth pulled, your gums heal up and the hole in your jaw goes away.


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