Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Fine, but is it news?

Jason Kottke asks a good question: Why is Morons.org a Google News source?

From what I can tell, the site is a news aggregate. Several people post links to stories that somehow prove a liberal point, then they give a synopsis and add commentary. An example, about a girl who goes to get an abortion and her boyfriend shoots her in the neck:
Does this just seem like, not to use a bad pun, overkill? That is why I find the position of many pro-lifers so hard to fathom, it seems like the life of the potential child is all important, and then this?
The site says it was started by someone named Spatula. Spatula and friends (such as The Hack, Gorthak and Striking Scorpion) are contributors.

Google says little about what it takes to be considered a news source on its Web site. It says it crawls more than 4,500 sites and will consider more if you send suggestions. But shouldn't Google draw the line somewhere a little closer to news? What makes this site different from blogs that publish links with commentary, which Google doesn't include?


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