Wednesday, May 19, 2004

He's half-right

Mark Cuban bitches about headlines and reporters.

He's right that USA Today's headline was a bad call (if true; it's different online), but so wrong that it's the media's job to baby-sit quote givers.

He says this in the context of Kevin Garnett apologizing for saying he was "ready for war" in his next playoff game.
They all stood there with their recorders on as KG spoke and took in his comments. Did a single person standing around him ask him if he was sure he wanted to go on the record with those comments? Did anyone jump in and remind him that some might consider the comments insensitive? That maybe he wanted to recant or go off the record so the media wouldnt quote him?
Sorry, Mark, that's not the way it works. Celebrities learn quickly that they have to censor themselves. Reporters shouldn't be holding people's hands through interviews.


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