Thursday, May 13, 2004

More AP style updates

The Associated Press stylebook updated its entries on European Union to add the new member countries:
European Union EU (no periods, the more common practice). The European Union, based in Brussels, Belgium, was created by the Treaty on European Union signed in February 1992 and took effect Nov. 1, 1993. It is an outgrowth of the 1958 European Economic Community, which itself was formed out of the 1952 European Coal and Steel Community. The six founding members of the European Union are France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Other members are Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, with Austria, Sweden and Finland joining as of Jan. 1, 1995. Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, and Slovakia joined as of May 1, 2004.

It also changed its style on capitalizing nouns and adjectives derived from the names of planets and heavenly bodies. It had called for lowercasing martian and venusian, as well as lunar and solar. Now, it's:
Capitalize nouns and adjectives derived from the proper names of planets: Martian, Venusian, but lowercase adjectives derived from other heavenly bodies: solar, lunar.


At 4:19 PM, May 13, 2004, Blogger Bill said...

Funny -- just a couple of days ago I decided to propose adding periods to "EU" in the Post. I think we're going to do it.

At 7:25 PM, May 13, 2004, Blogger Nicole said...

What's the reasoning behind that, Bill? Is it to put it in line with U.S. and U.K.? Too many people trying to pronounce "EeeOooh ... Yeeuuuuwww ... Euughhh"?

At 12:57 AM, May 14, 2004, Blogger Bill said...

The idea is matching U.S. and U.N. I believe the New York Times recently added the periods.

At 1:09 AM, May 17, 2004, Blogger Nicole said...

But the Times puts periods in *everything,* even G.I.! Then again, that could be a recent shift, too.


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