Thursday, May 13, 2004

Must-read article at Poynter

Copy editor extraordinaire Barbara Wallraff sums up the ACES conference in 12 ideas -- "half of them about doing good work and half about feeling great about what you do." Her article, originally published in Copy Editor newsletter, is today's Poynter centerpiece.

These are her 12 ideas, to whet your appetite. Read the Poynter article, where she expounds and gives examples.

1. Be assertive.
2. Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win.
3. Be a writing coach.
4. Take readability formulas seriously.
5. Don't live in a house of rules; live in a house of guidelines.
6. Learn from your most capable colleagues
7. Recognition is always nice.
8. The more recognition the better.
9. Whenever possible, be flexible.
10. Build accountability into your system.
11. Keep your sense of humor.
12. Keep your sense of empathy.


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