Monday, May 03, 2004

What's in a name?

After reading this (great but long) New York Times profile, I'm wondering why we always refer to the American terrorism detainee as Jose Padilla. The story says he formally changed his name to Ibrahim in 1994.

Also, a hint on finding older New York Times stories. I initially searched for padilla on the NYT site and was told I'd have to pay to read this article. But by searching on Google News for padilla source:new_york_times, I found a free copy. I'm guessing the Google search goes back about a month, whereas the Times search goes only seven days.

Also, if you want to search Google for specific newspapers articles, you can usually type in padilla new york times and it will automatically search for the NYT as a source. If that wasn't what you meant to search for, it offers a link at the top of the page to revert to the original search term by adding a plus sign, padilla new york +times.


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