Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Could we? Should we?

The question was presented: Could we have a top 10 list of the nation's best copy editors? (With Phil Blanchard's response: "We're above all that. The best copy editor is someone we've never heard of.")

Well, "best of" lists like this seldom include the best. It's just impossible for us to know the very, very best. But that doesn't mean, on it's face, that we couldn't try.

But what realistic criteria could you use for good editing? What we do depends on what we get. The exception there is headlines, which we create.

So we could make a list of the 10 best headline writers in the nation. That would be feasible, if I had any idea who they were.

Designers have sites such as News Page Designer, where you can view and comment on portfolios, admire your favorite talents, and get ideas for your own pages.

So is it time for a site for copy editors? Where we can load headline examples, see what others did for breaking news, offer advice on what works and what doesn't?



At 8:42 PM, June 15, 2004, Blogger Phillip Blanchard said...

Have you forgotten? We have such a site.

At 12:50 PM, June 16, 2004, Blogger Nicole said...

For online storage of portfolios? Where?

At 4:44 AM, June 17, 2004, Blogger Phillip Blanchard said...

Sorry. I misunderstood you. I meant that Testy Copy Editors is always a place to discuss headlines.


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