Friday, July 30, 2004

A new job for Michael Moore?

Surprise! Moore is catching more flak from "Fahrenheit 9/11," this time from the Bloomington Pantagraph in Illinois.

The paper says the movie shows a Pantagraph headline, purported to be from Dec. 19, 2001. But the hed didn't run then; it ran Dec. 5. And it wasn't a news headline; it was over a letter to the editor.

A story in the paper says, "If he wants to 'edit' The Pantagraph, he should apply for a copy-editing job." (I assume this is a column, although it has a news category on the top of the Web page.)

The paper wants an apology, an explanation, and compensatory damages of $1.

I'm seeing Moore with green eyeshades at the computer, a la Mark Cuban scooping ice cream at Dairy Queen.


At 3:50 PM, August 02, 2004, Blogger Mike said...

I used to be a reporter at the Pantagraph. Good paper.


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