Thursday, July 15, 2004

So much style that it's wasted

Any questions on NARAL Pro-Choice America's name? This should clear that up:
The following guidelines should be adhered to when the name appears in print:
* Use all-caps when writing NARAL as part of NARAL Pro-Choice America
* Always refer to NARAL Pro-Choice America when referring to the organization and not any combination of the four name elements
* Always hyphenate and capitalize Pro-Choice
* Always use a non-bold, non-italic font
* Do not lowercase letters when spelling NARAL Pro-Choice America
* Do not use periods when to separate the letters of the name NARAL
* Do not use bold or italics in any part of the name
* Do not separate the four name elements to refer to the organization in shorthand format
No bold?! No italic?! No simple "NARAL"?!

Really, I appreciate their trying to clear up some of the stickier issues of a tough name (especially the pro-choice-hyphen rule). But there is such thing as taking it too far.


At 8:34 AM, July 15, 2004, Blogger Mike said...

This is exactly why I avoid making references to NARAL Pro-Choice America on my blog.

At 1:30 PM, July 15, 2004, Blogger Nick said...

Their PR folks sure know how to endear themselves to the media.

At 4:38 PM, July 15, 2004, Blogger Nicole said...

But better than those companies that switch from style to style, can't decide which words to capitalize, when to use periods, etc. I'll take this kind of anal retentiveness anyday. (Shocker.) You can always ignore the advice, but at least you know where they stand.

At 11:30 PM, July 15, 2004, Blogger Nick said...

Ah, but you're not having to take the call from the angry NARAL Pro-Choice America® flak who then has the gumption to call after the fact and say, "Hey, you can't refer to us that way."

This reminds me of the flak at Bradley Fair (an upscale Wichita shopping center -- not an oxymoron) who insisted sternly to our editors that its location is "Rock Road at 21st Street," not our standard "21st and Rock Road." Jesus.

At 12:42 AM, July 16, 2004, Blogger Nicole said...

That's classic. Guess 21st Street just doesn't have that panache they're trying to accentuate with Rock Road. And that's a shame.

At 8:11 PM, July 17, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No precisely on subject, but I'd be disappointed in any reference to NARAL that didn't spell out "National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League" somewhere.

At 12:37 PM, July 18, 2004, Blogger Nicole said...

I suppose you could sneak in a "formerly the ...." It's certainly not necessary to figure out what this group's about, now that it has added the "Pro-Choice America" bit. But there must be people out there who, like me, always wonder: Does that really stand for something, or is it someone's made-up configuration or goofy last name?


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