Monday, August 30, 2004

Just a little cooler?

This one goes out to all you copy editors compiling celebrity news...

P. Diddy's dapper sidekick, Farnsworth Bentley, is going by Fonzworth Bentley now (real name: Derek Watkins).

He "wanted to make it a little cooler," he told the New York Post. "And who's cooler than the Fonz? So I remixed it a little bit, as we do in hip-hop."

But this Miami Herald story says there may have been a different reason: "Diddy later christened him Farnsworth, which was later changed to Fonzworth to sidestep copyright problems."

UPDATE: You may be able to ignore all of this after all. Read the comment on this post and then let out a sigh. (Of course we'll have trouble getting his name right. Look at how long the Puff Daddy to P. Diddy switch took.)


At 12:10 PM, September 01, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comes via James Burnett of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who just did a lengthy piece on the guy that was picked up for the wires:

Officially, he’s still Derek Watkins, the name he was born to in ATL 30 years ago. But he’s trying to squeeze a few more minutes out his 15, that’s all. The “Fonzworth” thing came up here a few days ago, when an editor for the KR wire contacted the JS to tell us they were sending a correction on my story to all of their papers, because an item in the NY Post quoted him as saying he preferred Fonzworth, ‘cause he’s cooler than the Fonz (in his own mind). I told them they’d better not issue a correction, ‘cause he didn’t actually change his name. He just said he preferred one nickname over another. In the end we settled it by calling his agent and manager, both of whom said “Farnsworth” was accurate and to pay Farns no mind when he talked about name changes, ‘cause he was kidding and ‘cause his nickname was an “ever evolving thing.” They said from week to week he flip flops on which he prefers, Farns or Fonz.


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