Thursday, September 09, 2004

Any math geeks out there also copy-editing geeks?

I ran across this copy-editing aside in a column. It's out of my league, as I know not the difference between a motherboard and a systemboard or whether there's a difference at all.
And in "Do You Need a New PC or Just a New Motherboard?" Kirk gives you some more of his hardware insights. He explains the importance of a systemboard's form factor of (something I didn't think about); talks about choosing the right CPU; and shows you how to figure out how many slots, ports, and connectors you ought to have.

Quick quiz: When's the only time you can use "motherboard" instead of "systemboard" at PC World? When the copy editor is dozing. [Note to Copy Editor: Keep snoozing.]


At 7:50 AM, September 11, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I presume the gag is that PC World has some sort of style guidelines that coerce writers into using "systemboard." Which makes some sense for a publication like PC World. Motherboard. systemboard, main board, logic board, and planar board are all used to describe the same basic bit of a computer.


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