Thursday, September 30, 2004

I'll buy the first round

Congratulations to a good friend of mine, Craig Lancaster, whose mad editing skills -- among a few other stellar traits -- have landed him a promotion at the San Jose Mercury News:

We're pleased to announce a big change in the Sports department.

Mike Guersch, our multi-talented sports editor, has decided to step down as sports editor to pursue other opportunities at the paper. After four years as sports editor, Mike has been eager for a new challenge. We begged him to remain in the job until we were confident he'd found an able successor. And he's done that.

Our new sports editor will be Craig Lancaster, who has been Mike's deputy this year. Through his work leading our Balco coverage and his day-to-day oversight of the sports department, Craig has shown an enthusiasm and skill that will serve the paper well.

Craig, whose stepfather was a longtime sportswriter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, has a passion for sports journalism. He came to the Mercury News in 1998, left for a short stint and returned in 2000. He's been Sunday sports editor, assistant Sports editor and the Raiders beat

As for Mike, he will serve a temporary stint as enterprise editor in Sports. We'll be looking for some bigger opportunities for Mike in the coming months.

As sports editor, Mike has been one of the hardest working men in America. He's overseen a group of people who have done fabulous work amid often-difficult circumstances. Our pro sports coverage has been consistently great; our Olympics coverage has been exceptional. And best of all, Mike has remained well-liked and respected by his staff throughout his tenure.

He started at the Mercury News in 1987 as a sports clerk and worked his way up to Sports editor after doing nearly every job in the department. Readers of the newspaper will know that Mike has many talents and interests, most particularly a strong knowledge and love for opera.

Please congratulate both Craig and Mike. These changes take effect on Oct. 12.

Dave and Susan
Congratulations, Craig. It's a well-deserved promotion, and you'll be great at this job.


At 10:54 AM, September 30, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sports at this papaper is a joke. They are dropping staff coverage of the Oakland A's and Oakland Raiders, and it is evident to everyone who works there that sports is a second, or maybe third, citizen.


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