Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A truce on the horizon

At last there is an organization that can bridge the hurtful chasm between language prescriptivists and descriptivists: The Original English Movement.
Never again must we argue about whether singular they is an aberration or a useful and much-needed dialectal "innovation", legitimized by a centuries-long history.

Never again will we discuss the logic of the prohibition against splitting infinitives, asking whether "to go boldly" sounds stupid, or whether traditions in translating Biblical Greek and Latin should have any sway over modern usage.

Never again need we fear to ask who the bell tolls for, or for whom the bell tolls, or where prepositions really belong, or whether the case system of English is dead yet.
The Original English Movement seeks to resolve this conflict and end this struggle by fully embracing the notion that English should not change--not now, not in the future, not even in the past.
Hooked? There are several ways you can help:
Informally, you can support The Original English Movement by writing to your representatives in Congress or in Parliament, and to your President or Prime Minister and telling them why they should support The Original English Movement. Tell your friends, your family, your colleagues, and everyone on every mailing list you know. You should also give everyone you discuss the matter with a copy of the poem, Beowulf, to illustrate the beauty and clarity of the language we so cherish and support.

More formally, you can send financial support to our World Headquarters and Main Mead Hall. For reasons of orthographic purity, we prefer to accept donations in Icelandic krona. You can also attend one of our frequent meetings, held on the first moonless night of the thirteenth lunar month of each decade, at Grendel's ex-brother-in-law's cave.
I'm there.

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