Monday, September 20, 2004

An update on CanWest's "terrorists"

The New York Times reports that Reuters is now asking CanWest Global Newspapers to remove Reuters bylines from some stories.

Reuters is uncomfortable with the Canadian chain's policy to insert the word "terrorist" into stories to replace some "insurgents" and "rebels."

David Schlesinger, global managing editor of Retuers, says subscribing newspapers have the right to do what they like with the news service's stories.
"But if a paper wants to change our copy that way, we would be more comfortable if they remove the byline."
The story also reveals that the Ottawa Citizen has had to run another correction because of the policy, only a week after its last. This time, the paper changed an AP story to say that six of 10 Palestinians killed in a blast were terrorists. Their correction called this an editing error and said the story should have called them "militants.

>Reuters Asks a Chain to Remove Its Bylines [New York Times]
>When editing goes too far? [A Capital Idea]


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