Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's good to be right, but not that right

I guess it's no surprise that this would be right up my alley ... but I love Regret the Error, a blog on newspaper corrections. Today, a great correction from the Dallas Morning News:
"An Oct. 19 article on songwriter John Bucchino incorrectly stated that he doesn't read. The sentence should have said he doesn't read music."
And you should definitely check out this entry on the Washington Times trying to pick a fight with the Washington Post after the Post had a mistake in a 1A headline (a misattributed quote). The Times called the headline writer its knave of the week, according to the blog. (Of course, the headline writer just took what was in the story; it's ridiculous to blame him.)

Here is the Times story slapping the Post on the wrist. And here is the Post's corrected story.


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