Thursday, January 06, 2005

WSJ editing newsletter now available to all

The Wall Street Journal has begun posting its internal Style & Substance newsletter online.

Such critiques are fun -- and enlightening -- to read from anyone, but I expect them to be particularly gratifying from the WSJ.

Newsletters from the last four months are up. The latest, December's, includes a note on morphing:
Morph itself originally referred to the transforming of one computer image into another, as in an animation. Eventually, morph morphed into any type of transformation. Such evolutions help keep the language vibrant (and help keep stylebook editors in business). The question is whether and when to accept the new usages. Morph’s time has arrived, though it is rapidly lapsing into cliché.
The newsletter's editor, Paul Martin, also includes headline standouts and flubs.

Martin is a former copy editor who once worked as an AME at the paper. He gave up those duties in 2001 but stayed on as awards coordinator and style aficionado. Martin is also the editor of "The Wall Street Journal Guide To Business Style and Usage."


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