Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ask a copy editor (or his boss)

Bill Walsh will take part in another online chat tomorrow -- at 11 a.m. Central. He will be joined by the Washington Post's new AME for copy desks, Don Podesta.

Find out more about Walsh here.

And read about Podesta here.

How WashingtonPost.com bills the event:

Ever wonder how the pages of The Washington Post (and washingtonpost.com) stay so error free? An army of copy editors spend their evenings -- and sometimes very late nights -- poring over stories for spelling, grammatical and factual errors. Copy editors are also largely responsible for the headlines read by Post readers around the world.

This Week: Washington Post Assistant Managing Editor for Copy Desks Don Podesta and National Copy Desk Chief Bill Walsh will be online Wednesday, Feb. 16, at Noon ET to take your questions and comments about editing and headline writing throughout the paper. Have questions, just Ask The Post.

Make 'em tough! I think Bill could use the challenge.


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